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How to Write a Good Article for Beginners?

July 25th 2022 in Uncategorized

Maybe many are asking how a good article? how to write it? what topics are of interest? here are 7 Ways to Make Good Articles for Beginners, but first we must know the right steps before starting an article that will make readers feel comfortable.

How to Make Good Articles for Beginners

Nowadays almost all people are good at writing. Especially good at writing words on their social media, and without them knowing they are able to write. But only a few can write well. Good writing or articles can have an impact or benefit the readers. If you want to make good articles, then here we will learn how to make good and interesting articles. How are readers interested in our articles? How can articles be weighted? etc. Well, below we will explain!

1. Determine the Topic and Theme
In making an article the first thing we have to think about is the topic. What topics we will take can be from what target readers we are after. Can also take a topic based on our abilities, “What skills do we have?” or choose a topic that interests you. After that, the topic is packaged in an interesting and unique way. Then we can determine the theme, make sure the chosen theme is specific because the more specific the theme we set, the more interesting the reader’s interest will be.

2. Create an Attractive Title
Avoid titles that are too long and complicated. Create a title that seems familiar and much sought after, make it as unique and interesting as possible. Make sure the title that we make matches the contents of the article.

3. Make sure the first paragraph is not too long
Because without us realizing it, it is the first paragraph that influences the reader to continue reading to the next paragraph. Therefore, make sure the first paragraph is not too long, we can keep it short. And don’t forget to make sure the first paragraph is made interesting and not boring, don’t beat around the bush. Make sure the first paragraph is relevant and valuable to the reader so that they are interested in continuing to read.

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